MAX Business Products offers our customers many recycling options including:

Toner and Inkjet Recycling

- Let MAX Business pick-up your empty toner or inkjet cartridges and process them for recycling through our exchange programs with all the major toner and ink manufacturers. This includes our compatible cartridges with are returned so the outer plastic shell may be used again.

Cardboard Box Recycling

– MAX Business drivers will gladly take back your boxes to be reused or recycled. You can give the boxes back at the time of delivery, or during your next supply delivery. (Boxes must be broken down flat for storage purposes. MAX Business drivers can assist you.)

Large Recycling Bins

- For larger accounts MAX Business can provide a large wheeled recycling bin for paper products, that when near full will be picked up by an MAX Business driver. This service is offered for free, please contact your sales representative for details.