Print Management-

Do you know the true costs your organization incurs on printing each year?

It is estimated that printing expenses equal over $800 per employee per year, and are increasing at a rate of 10% annually.

Optimize your print costs with MAX Printsmart print management sytemM... a simple, secure program that allows your printer fleet to be managed professionally. MAX Printsmart SM frees up your technical resources for more strategic activities within the organization.

This intelligent technology gives MAX Printsmart SM the ability to proactively maintain your printing assets so you can maximize uptime and minimize costs. Let us manage your print environment remotely, without interrupting your day-to-day business.

MAX Printsmart software collects critical information for all the networked printers, copiers, MFPs and fax machines in your environment such as:

    • Current Status
    • Supplies Levels
    • Page Counts
    • Model descriptions
    • Serial and asset numbers
    • Printer Locations
    • Utilization
    • Cost per Page Track
    • Automated services alerts
    • Historical trending reports

This information MAX Printsmart SM collects is then used to monitor and manage every aspect of your printer fleet, whether that is inventory of supply levels, cost of supplies, as well as service and maintenance.

MAX Printsmart SM is a comprehensive print management solution created to help organizations control and reduce office printing costs. The technology has been developed to give a proactive approach to managing printing assets while increasing productivity and lowering costs.

Call your sales representative today and find out if MAX Printsmart is right for you!